Sue Wiltshire (PA to Sol Kerzner in S.A.)

Dear Mike

Speaking from my heart I would like to express my feelings about your music:

Your music and the joy and happiness that it instills in people often leaves me in awe of the wonder of music. I hope that you don't think this too sentimental but I have been a fan of yours ever since your song "Mashed Potato" entered my world. In short, I love the music that you play and the sound of your fellow musicians. I truly believe that you musicians are the salt of the earth. You all spread so much happiness and appreciation for the sound of jazz. I sometimes think that jazz was born behind the blue door. I wish that I was on every committee of every city of every country to recommend that your music be played, be it from dawn to dusk.

I have had a long and established career with an esteemed employer in the international entertainment industry and have had the pleasure of attending various functions featuring professional artists. With this background, I would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending you to play at any occassion, be it performing for a grand opening of a family casino complex in Las Vegas to a local safari getaway.

With much appreciation for you, yours and your music.

Yours truly,
Sue Wiltshire
The Kerzner Group
South African PA to Mr Sol Kerzner